A sampling of selections that have been popular with clients in the past. Menus are meant to please every palate. If you have a favorite food, or perhaps something that you'd love to share with friends, just ask. I'd be a happy make your ideas come to fruition. Every meal I create is customized to the

client's wishes.

Every chef has their special interest when it comes to food - mine is the craft of charcuterie, meat curing, and sausage making.  I use only the freshest locally-sourced pork, along with other regional game meats, to create delicious artisan style meats.  Each order is custom made for every client, ensuring the highest quality product possible.

Chef's Table

Chef's Table serves gourmet meals in your home, prepared with fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Bringing a fine-dining experience to your home for all occasions: dinner parties, luncheons, corporate gatherings, showers, and family meals. Will happily accommodate all food allergies and dietary restrictions.

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